Harvard University

“I was anxious about the process involved in creating the portrait before I began sitting for Kim Gorrasi, but the sittings turned out to be a marvelously human experience. I got a chance to talk about those things in my work and life that matter most, and in some marginal way, Kim transferred their meaning onto the canvas. A thrilling experience!”

- Dr. Arthur Kleinman
   Professor, Harvard University

Bentley University

To create the posthumous portrait of Norman and Lida Smith, for whom the Bentley University Smith Academic Technology Center is named, “Bentley engaged Kim’s artistic talent and the family provided several photos of this couple over the years. Kim created a unique and beautiful portrait that wonderfully captured the essence of their life in the Maine countryside. The portrait proudly hangs in the foyer of the Smith Academic Center.”

- Aaron J. Nurick, Ph.D.
   Professor of Management and Psychology, Bentley University


Weymouth Art Association

“Kim’s expertise and credentials attracted the largest audience at the Weymouth Art Association demonstration meeting. She demonstrated the methodical process to create a realistic portrait sketch. The resulting drawing was a successful likeness of the model.  Everyone was fascinated and impressed with her educational portrait demonstration.”

- Kathleen Hunt
   President, Weymouth Art Association